Garrosh Hellscream

Ah spoilers…Some people love them, some hate them. Me? I’m a bit more difficult than that.

WoW Insider currently released information about who the new possible Warchief is, but they did something that only decent minded people will do – they let me know beforehand that a spoiler was coming. This should be perfectly acceptable to any half decent human being. This will give a person reading the post a chance to unplug their modem, curdle up in bed in the fetel position rocking back and forth with their eyes closed and ears covered just to make sure they never find out.

But then there’s the others…the people intentionally out to ruin it for everyone else and for those people I say this: No one likes you. But anyway, back on track…

I mentioned earlier that i’m a bit more difficult when it comes to spoilers, and I guess it’s because i’m a realist when it comes to things. I PvP more than I do PvE; sure I dabble here and there on my tank in LFR on the rare occasion, but realistically I know that i’ll probably never see the kill of Hellscream myself, yet I still enjoy the story that goes on even though I never actually take part in it. When I saw the spoiler on WoW Insider, I jumped at the chance to find out who the new Warchief was even though I was pre-warned about an incoming spoiler.

I watch a lot of movies. I love watching movies. If someone has seen a movie that I haven’t, all I ask for is a pre-warning of a spoiler you may reveal. Again, realistically I know i’ll see the movie, so my response would be “Please don’t tell me or i’ll cry”. This same rule should apply to all Internet blogs and forums. Make sure people know before reading that a spoiler is inside, it is up to them to choose to know or not – not you.

Sometimes mistakes happen, and recently with the release of the Hellscream-kill-spoiler-thing, I too accidentally spoilt it for one of my guild members (So sorry!). I was sort of excited that I knew who it was and said something along the lines of ‘Well, I called that *********** would be the new Warchief”, ruining the surprise for a guild member that would see the end of SoO. So accidents do happen, and I feel like a piece of rubbish for saying what I did in hindsight.

So the moral (if you have any) of the story is this: Warn people of a spoiler, no matter how new or old the content/movie/book is. But again, keeping in mind that accidents happen, if a movie or book is rather old, it is up to the person to mention they have not seen or read whatever it may be as the conversation starts to avoid such accidents.


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