The idea of expansion specific servers in World of Warcraft is simple: Create servers locked to a certain expansion that users can play on.

Would I play on them? The short answer is yes, I most definitely would – but how would it work?

I think the majority of the user base that decide to play on these kinds of servers would agree that they’re playing it because they loved how everything worked back then. The Burning Crusade was by far my favorite expansion of all time. Classes were still unbalanced, and you could do ridiculous things that for me made the game fun.

As a PVPer (and an arsehole) killing people mid air and having their dead bodies stay there made me laugh, and i’m no hypocrite, so when it happened to me I found it funny too. It was fun, just like the snowballs that used to knocked you back and during an AV people would find themselves getting knocked off the Alliance bridge. Now of course to a lot of people this was frustrating but as far as I see it, they didn’t have to always be the victim. Though, this could be why AV ended up going for 8+ hours.

Weapon skills I wish were still around. Sure, people who leveled their weapon skills before they got removed all get a feat of strength, but to me that’s not good enough. I want to be able to earn those feats of strength because it’s fun for me. Between Arenas, BG or RBGs and even the occasional dungeon I queue for, i’d love to be able to level these. Even if they’re not worth any points they are still going to be an achievement nevertheless.

The only somewhat ‘tough’ question would be, how would classes work, how would character levels work and how would one go about getting a character onto such a server? First and foremost each server should be it’s own specific expansion with minimal changes. This would be the reason people are playing on them in the first place as I mentioned before. Mount levels for instance could be lowered, or maybe even the price for buying them in the earlier expansions.

Classes should be left as they were at the start of the expansion, with any major bugs ironed out. Generally speaking, keep the mechanics of each class the way they were (Yes, even Mage Pyros)

Getting characters onto these server should be as easy as creating one as you would on the PTR, allow pre-created classes to use, or allow to level from scratch. This way people can either choose to play end game straight away, or to experience the whole expansion again (Fact: Some people actually enjoy that).

Keeping these servers as original as possible is the key here, and playing on them would be enjoyable. You may just find that the only people playing on them are those who think its fun that way. Let’s not spoon feed the masses again by making it balanced and easy like the majority of things are in Mists right now.

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  • September 9, 2013 Neri says:

    I like this idea in theory, but in practice I can’t see it working. For example, which patch would you use for the Burning Crusade? You might absolutely love the way the game worked in 2.1, but someone else was mad keen for 2.3. Do we then set up patch specific servers? Now things are just getting out of hand.

    Personally, I think nostalgia colours our opinion of past events. We may not remember the bad stuff now, but once we’re on there, all the flaws may come flooding back and we realise that the grass is not always greener.

    Great post :)

  • September 15, 2013 Mandish says:

    This is an idea that me and my friends have discussed in one form or another for quite some time now and it is something I would definitely be interested in. Memories of the expansions probably are biased from when the game was new and shiny and exciting but I’ve come and gone from WoW a number of times over the years and missed out on different events that it would be awesome to have the chance to experience again or for the first time.

    Yes there could be problems in implementing these servers such as which patch to set them to. But maybe a solution to this would be to start at (for example) 2.1 then have each patch applied after a number of months like when we were they were originally released. Give us the chance to live through the evolution and world events again like the opening of AQ and end up on a boat in Stonetalon Mountains! Let others experience Warlocks being over powered.

    Maybe some adjustments would need to be made to the 40 man raids due to the number of players required and how tough it is to pull together that many people these days. Then again maybe not as the players that would be on these servers would be there to experience the game as it was. I imagine a lot of the new players would be put off by having to find a 5 man group then make your way to an instance and actually having to know where all the instances are. Of course there would be problems.

    And as for PvP… who wouldn’t want to sign up for an 18 hour AV? PvP is an aspect I really didn’t do much of in Vanilla and BC but I did enter a couple of AV’s where my guild managed to turn a loss into a win at the last minute.

    Talent tree’s and messed up specs. Gathering when nodes weren’t shiny. No alliance shaman / horde paladins. And for the priests out the Benediction / Anathema! No AoE looting… the good and the bad go on and on.

    Definitely a concept that I imagine a fair number of players would be interested in.


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